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Reasons someone would need short term housing in Los Angeles
November 2, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Reasons someone would need short term housing in Los Angeles

When most of us think about renting an apartment, our first thought is a long-term lease of 12 to 18 months. While this can be a great solution for someone who’s looking for a long-term solution for housing for one or more years before buying their next home, it does nothing for those who are looking to buy or would like temporary housing without paying for or staying in a hotel. At Los Angeles Luxury Furnished Housing, we offer a solution. You can book short term housing in Los Angeles to ensure a comfortable stay at an affordable rate. If you’re not sure short-term housing will work for you, we have some reasons below why people love to stay with us.

Temporary solution to corporate relocation

It’s not uncommon for a corporation to require its people to move from one city to another. While this is often done with months of advance notice, there are times when the company wants you to move quickly. This doesn’t leave much time to sell your house or find a new one. Short term housing is a great solution because it allows you to feel like you’re living in an apartment rather than a hotel so you can unpack your bags, set up the kitchen, and have some privacy without dealing with housekeeping. You can also stay as long as it takes to find a new house.

Relocated due to renovation

Home renovations can take anywhere from six weeks to more than a year to complete. If your renovation is on the shorter end of that timeline, there’s a chance you could be pushed out of your house to ensure safety and efficiency. Not everyone has a friend or family member they can stay with during this time, so short-term housing is an excellent place to put your family up for a few months. This gives everyone the space that they want without having to pay for multiple hotel rooms.

Trial with downsizing

Not everybody wants to live in a big house forever. Those who have children move out and are now empty nesters often want to move to a smaller home to minimize their monthly bills during retirement. However, downsizing can be difficult if you’ve become accustomed to having a significant amount of square footage in your home. You can give living in a smaller space a test drive by staying in an apartment short term to see if it’s right for you without risking buyer’s remorse.

Contract workers

Some industries have contract workers that can be considered nomadic. They follow their work around the country working from contract to contract. This can include construction workers, architects, professional athletes, and others. Because they’re moving around so much, a long-term lease for many of these types of workers isn’t always the best solution. A job could be done within four months of signing a 12-month lease and they’re out eight months of money. Short term housing can be the perfect solution when you’re moving around often.

Sold your home

Sometimes your home sells faster than you anticipate. This might happen before you have a chance to go house hunting or you’re waiting for construction to wrap up. When this happens, you’re probably stressed out that you don’t have anywhere to go. Short term housing can provide you and your family with a landing spot so you can save money on lodging.

Get in touch to book

If you could use short term housing in Los Angeles, reach out using our online contact form or give us a call at 424-256-5857. You can get ahold of our team at Los Angeles Luxury Furnished Housing 24/7 so we can answer your questions or book your stay. We look forward to your stay at our furnished apartment homes.