Your College Home: Live in Luxury Furnished Apartments Near UCLA
January 8, 2021 at 10:30 PM
Stay in luxury apartments near UCLA as a dorm alternative

There’s no denying this past year asked for great sacrifices from all of us. Experiencing a worldwide pandemic brought new, unexpected challenges–particularly for students. From remote learning to dormitory closings, the 2020 school year forced students to deal with unprecedented hardships while maintaining their academic studies.

Luckily, finding student housing in Los Angeles while the dorms remain closed can be simple. At Los Angeles Luxury Furnished Housing, we provide the convenience of school housing with the amenities and comfort of home.

Our COVID-protocols for your safety.

Before your move-in, no one will be in the unit for 72 hours, per CDC recommendations. We’re following all guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting to ensure our guests’ health and safety.

After each check out, we clean every surface in the unit thoroughly using CDC protocols and approved cleaning products. Plus, every unit comes with a complimentary cleaning kit and vacuum. We are also happy to schedule cleaning and maintenance services seven days a week.

An unbeatable location for UCLA and the School of Medicine at UCLA

Navigating LA traffic before your 9 am class is the perfect way to start your day with stress and anxiety. The Los Angeles Luxury Furnished Housing’s Westwood location is just a ten-minute walk from the David Geffen School of Medicine and a 15-minute walk to the rest of the UCLA campus.

You’re close to all UCLA’s amenities and able to run home if you forgot your lab notes, term paper, or for a quick nap between lectures. You’ll have a dorm-like experience living this close to campus but without the downsides of a shared bathroom, wild neighbors, and institutional dorm furnishings.

Our apartments pair a great location with stylish, contemporary furnishings and comfortable amenities.

We have the amenities students need to excel throughout the semester.

Having safe, secure accommodations leaves you better able to tackle whatever the semester has to throw at you–whether you’re trying to finish your freshman year strong, work on a graduate thesis, or tackle your first year of medical school. Our amenities support the hectic lifestyle of UCLA students:

  • Spacious workspace in every unit with the fastest Wi-Fi in the area.
  • State-of-the-art kitchens for healthy meals and midnight study session snacks.
  • Washer and dryer, so laundry will never disrupt your week.
  • State-of-the-art fitness center for mind/body wellness.

The just-like-home feel of our furnished apartments takes the edge off the isolation many students experience in a post-COVID world away from the dorm community. Los Angeles Luxury Furnished Housing provides comfort and luxury so you can focus on school.

More than just an apartment near UCLA, we provide support and convenience.

If you’re new to LA or just new to living on your own, we’re more than a place to stay; we offer home-away-from-home accommodations. We have round-the-clock security for our buildings, plus complimentary 24/7 valet services in a gated garage. You don’t have to worry about coming home late from the library, or searching your neighborhood for parking we’re always here with an open parking space.

There’s Wi-Fi throughout the building for socially distanced study groups. But since you won’t be studying all the time, we also have BBQ spaces and patios for enjoying LA’s unbeatable weather. For those without a car but who are interested in taking day and weekend trips across California, we provide car rentals on-site.

Get in touch with LA Luxury Furnished Housing for more information regarding furnished apartments near UCLA.

You can resolve your housing situation for the next semester today. When you move into our furnished apartments, you’ll feel at home right away with our luxury furnishing, state-of-the-art kitchen, fresh linens, and fast Wi-Fi.

Stop stressing about student housing and call our rental office. You can move in fast and turn your focus on the upcoming semester instead.