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Tips for finding short-term rentals near Cedars Sinai
February 21, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Tips for finding short-term rentals near Cedars Sinai

Whether you’re moving or looking for an apartment for a short period of time, short-term rentals are an excellent choice for a temporary living situation. However, finding short-term rentals near Cedars Sinai isn’t always as easy as finding an apartment or hotel to stay. With help from Los Angeles Luxury Furnished Housing, you can get some tips to go off when searching for a temporary housing solution.

Look at pictures

You should be able to look at pictures of a location when browsing online before you start making a decision about it. Look at the listing or the company’s website to see if you can find a photo gallery that displays the property. It’ll give you a good idea of the layout of the apartment, the quality of the furniture, and what amenities are available. It’s our recommendation that you don’t even consider a place that doesn’t have photos.

Speak to the owner or manager

Do what you can to speak with the owner or property manager. Every property should have a way to get ahold of the person in charge without going through back channels, filling out a credit form, or coming to see the property in person. If you have to, search their website for an email address or phone number to send them a text message. If you can, give them a call to speak with someone directly. A phone conversation is a great way to get answers to your questions immediately without having to wait for the back and forth that comes with emailing and texting.

Have a place for your belongings

Something to keep in mind when moving into a short-term rental is that it’s likely already furnished, so you‘re going to need to have a place for your belongings. Where are you going to keep your bed and couch while you’re staying at a furnished short-term rental? If you’re simply remodeling your home, you likely have it tucked away in the garage or some part of your house. If you’re moving and waiting to find a place, we suggest you find a storage facility that’s large enough to accommodate your needs.

Consider your pets

Not every apartment complex allows pets, and the same goes for short-term rentals. Consider whether the property you’re looking at will allow you to bring your cat or dog with you. If they do allow pets, examine any restrictions that might come with them that can include a pet deposit or size limit. It’s not uncommon for rental properties to limit the dogs based on their weight.

Know what features you want

Getting what you want out of a short-term rental is as important as getting what you want from your permanent home. Take a look at the features and amenities that come with the property you’re considering. Does it have a pool? Are you going to need to bring your dishes with you? What’s the Wi-Fi situation? Do your homework regarding the features that come with an apartment before signing a lease.

Contact us to get started

If you need more tips or would like some help looking for short-term rentals near Cedars Sinai, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Los Angeles Luxury Furnished Housing. We offer a variety of luxury rental properties that are equipped with top-of-the-line amenities that include high-speed internet, high-quality furnishings, full kitchens, smart TVs, and much more. Get in touch with us by calling 424-256-5857 or sending a message using our contact form.