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Benefits of booking our Beverly Hills executive housing
January 19, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Benefits of booking our Beverly Hills executive housing

It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who regularly travels for business or you’re taking a long-term vacation, finding affordable lodging can be a challenge. What’s more, most hotels aren’t nearly as comfortable as they appear to be in their online images. You can find a comfortable place to stay without breaking the bank with Beverly Hills executive housing from Los Angeles Luxury Furnished Housing. We believe we have a variety of benefits you’ll enjoy staying in our apartments. Read more below to see what we have to offer.

Fully-furnished apartment

If you’re planning on staying somewhere for only a few months, finding affordable furniture that you like for an apartment can be challenging. Temporary living spaces aren’t something you want to drop a whole bunch of money on, so we understand if you’re struggling to find a couch or bed for your three-month lease. With our Beverly Hills executive housing, you don’t have to worry about that at all. You’ll have a comfortable bed to lie on the moment you put your bags down.

Luxury amenities

One of the benefits many people enjoy about staying at a hotel is the luxury amenities you get to enjoy. From the gym to the turndown service to the pool, there’s plenty to love. We understand this and want to offer similar amenities to our guests that include high-speed Wi-Fi, smart TVs, a full kitchen, sleeper sofas, and more.

While you can get some of these at a hotel, we believe what we have to offer is on another level. Think about how much you have to pay at a hotel for internet that doesn’t always do what you need it to. You can be confident in the speed of the Wi-Fi in your apartment because you’re not sharing bandwidth with the 10 people in rooms around you. Instead, you have it all to yourself.

Lower overall costs

Staying in a hotel costs more than your room fees for each day. You’re going to have to pay for food, laundry if you’re there for any significant amount of time, and the mediocre Wi-Fi. You can save quite a bit of money in many of these areas by staying in executive housing. Consider how much you would normally spend eating takeout for every meal over a week, then weigh that against having the ability to grocery shop and cook your meals in a full kitchen. Your food bill will be slashed to a small fraction of the price. Even if you spent the same amount of money, you would have much healthier food.

Those who are planning to stay for a significant period of time will need to consider how much it costs to do laundry. Our furnished apartments come with a washer and dryer, so you can do your laundry on your own schedule without paying extra. The money you save on food and laundry can go toward other expenses in your vacation or business trip.


Your hotel room should be cleaned before you check in. Yes, this often happens, but it’s not always as clean as you would like. We take great care of each of our apartments to ensure that you walk in to a clean and sanitary environment. We’ve implemented CDC-compliant cleaning protocols that ensure you’re not only getting a fully cleaned apartment, but you don’t have to worry about anyone who was there before you.

Book your stay

Get in touch with our team at Los Angeles Luxury Furnished Housing to learn more about our available apartments. You can book your stay at our Beverly Hills executive housing to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Contact us today by calling 424-256-5857 or send a message using our contact form. We’re always available to talk.